Logbook: Revenge

Cautionary Tales on the Perils of Pirate-Theatre. 

Revenge From The Sea was a combat comedy troupe directed by Bullet V. from 1996 to 2010. They performed at many of Los Angeles' biggest venues, including the Key Club, El Rey, Orpheum and El Capitan theatres, eventually taking their show to sea aboard a three-masted tall-ship. Since 2016 Bullet has been writer/director of Imagine Pirates. Following are his tales of hard-learned wisdom concerning the craft and complications of directing pirate-themed productions. May you find them instructional and not too dispiriting. Good luck.

Safety Last - Part 1
Wherein our maladroit efforts to cultivate a Sense of Danger bring us only injuries and enemies.
(A different version of this appears in Mutiny Magazine #18)

Sea of Darkness 3: Inveiglement, Sophistry, Epiphenominalism
On surviving regrettable casting decisions and saving the show despite them.

Sea of Darkness 4: Thru the Straits of Dire 
Revenge From The Sea and their catastrophic fourth voyage.
(A different version of this appeared in Mutiny Magazine #17)

Days of Low Adventure
Concerning a show pulled together in just a few hours despite the complications of alcohol, groupies, and the perils of Saturday night parking on the Sunset Strip.

Saint Douglas Fairbanks
Being an account of our first taking pirates onto the big stage of a legitimate theatre..