Logbook: Imagine Pirates

 July 8, 9, 2023:
Returning this year to the the Lighthouse Island location!!

July, 2022:   

UPDATE: Thanks to many, viz; Order of Leviathan, Rogues of the Golden Coast, the Brothers Galavhan, Lycan, Grace, Captain Morgan, Talderoy, various friends, co-pirates, and that hospitable crew of Germans for making this a successful weekend of blood and rum, powder and steel!         

More pictures and video are HERE.

June, 2022:

Ed Gage temporarily jumped ship to become a serious actor. We've 
dispatched a press gang to recover him but, meanwhile, you 
can see him in this: 

September, 2021:
Yes, our indefatigable crew was press ganged back to work last month! Much thanks to the Morongo Casino for their kindness and hospitality. This was fun! Follow: @morongocasinoresort on Instagram to see new videos thru the month of September. Hold the rum, there's more to come!!

August, 2021:   
Our irreplaceable captain. 

December 12, 2020:  
UPDATE: Timecrafters will be streaming as of May 14.
Today is the day. . . 
Timecrafters opens today in theatres! Scroll down to see some BTS pics from the set. i'll add more to this post soon. Remain attentive. . . 
UPDATE: Here's a still with Bullet and the Brothers Galahvan, Bullet and Ed in the trailer, and at the premiere.

May 2020:  
Stranded in Las Vegas, Joe made this slideshow during the few free moments in his busy schedule of drinking, wenching, fighting, etc.

Meanwhile in Texas:
Jim dusted off his old cannibal look for a solitary picture shoot at our gulf coast buccaneer headquarters. See our Portraits/Tableaux page for more, including his badarse cannibal head piece, (yes, he made it all himself.) Go NOW!  

May 30, 31 2020:  
Pirate Invasion Long Beach has been marooned.. In The Future. Aye, having waited until all chance was expired, our friends and co-pirates have postponed the event until 2021. We intend to utilize this extra time to get in at least two additional rehearsals.

Come Aloft and join us at the 
Biggest Gathering of Pirates on the West Coast!
We will be committing divers Acts of Piracy 
and several Guerrilla Performances 
on the Main Stage and Throughout the Island,
including something EPIC:
For tickets and information, please visit the website:
Belay That!!
The Captain's Cruise has SOLD OUT in just one hour!
But you can still watch the battle from shore at 
Pirate Invasion Long Beach

March, 2020: 
While we're waiting to resume rehearsals in L.A., here's some 'Inside Piracy' videos for ye:

And here's Jim and Joe in Texas with a few new pirates:

February 19, 2020:
Our first piracy of the year launches from our home port of Hollywood, CA. at Los Angeles' #1 variety show Scot Nery's Boobie Trap where we'll be presenting the famous Tragedy of Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Some say that every single on of our performances is a tragedy, aye, but this time it'll be intentional!    
UPDATED: (February 20, 2020) The Bard took a beating last night as we performed William Shakespeare's Hamlet for an insanely huge crowd of cultured and refined theatre-goers in Hollywood. Thank You to everyone at Scot Nery's Boobie Trap for having us back to shipwreck your stage! And Thank You to all our old friends, new friends, motley crew friends who came out to see us! Here's a few pictures from the show. . .     

And for the full story go HERE!   

November, 2019:
San Antonio, Texas.
Jim and Joe pirating the show. . .   
Back in Hollywood: We are rehearsing an Entirely New Show !!!!
We'll be returning to Scot Nery's Boobie Trap to disgrace 
their stage with a quick (four minutes) preview of our new act. 
Date to be announced.

Also: We are casting for a New Pirate! (email Bullet -Info@ImaginePirates.com - for the terrifying details.)       
October, 2019: 
Private Event Performance (Wicked, spooky piracies...)
Brentwood, CA.

MOVIE UPDATE: Very cool to get a note from our favorite actor, Lew Temple!      
Here's a production pic we found online: Bullet, Ed, Malcolm. 
And here's a few seconds of BTS some spy filmed on their phone:       

September, 2019:           

Shoreline Village Pirate Festival, Long Beach, CA.
UPDATED: Thank You (!!!!!) to all our friends and co-pirates who came out to see our shows in Long Beach!               
UPDATE: Here's a couple videos from the event...

August, 2019
San Diego, CA.                

Thank You to Ferragosto - 2019 for inviting us to be a part 
of your event!

For more pix and video from this event go HERE.
July 4, 2019:  
San Francisco, CA.
Private Event.                 

July 2, 2019:
June 29, 30, 2019:  
Pirate Invasion video coming up in 3--2---  

UPDATE: More pix and video are HERE.    

Our friend Phil Johnson shot these scenes from the main stage of Pirate Invasion:     
May, 2019: 
Putting together some new acts of piracy for the Long Beach Invasion:       

April, 2019:   
We worked on a film during the month of April, Timecrafters: The Treasure of Pirates Cove. Can't post any pix yet but we've got plenty so stay tuned. 
UPDATE: Here's a couple pictures. (Yes, our captain is Malcolm McDowell!)    
Friday, March 22, 2019:        
Cabo Wabo Cantina
Hollywood/Highland, 4th Level
6801 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA.
From 6pm til closing.
Dress Like a PIRATE for $5 drink specials!
Come Drink like a Pirate, Wench like a Scoundrel and Witness the Stage-Board Shipwrecks which are nigh inevitable as Imagine Pirates performs several of our new shows for the Very First Time, right here in our home port of Hollywood!
UPDATED: Thanks to all our Pirate Friends who came out for this show! And Extreme Gratitude to our friend Bob Bledsoe for being a show savior!           
Wednesday, March 20, 2019:       
Scot Nery's Boobie Trap
6555 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA.
Doors: 7pm, Show: 8pm
Tickets online at: BoobieLA.com
Full Bar / Entrance from rear parking lot
"Best vaudeville show in Los Angeles!"
Imagine Pirates will be committing a quick and brutal Act of Piracy at L.A.'s #1 variety show alongside many other fantastic performers. Our show will be Fast and Merciless and Not for the Lilly-Livered!!            
UPDATED: Thanks to all our friends and co-pirates who came out to see us for this show! Thank you to Scot and Meranda and all at Boobie Trap in Hollywood. Here's a few seconds recorded on Mary Widow's cell phone: 

January, 2019:                  

December, 2018:              
November, 2018:           
Polishing three new quick and dirty fights for our upcoming video.              
"Get on the boat and Get Happy!"
October, 2018:  
Some gigs around L.A.           
September 2018:        

August 2018: 
Dropping anchor at Rock Hall, MD. Our Captain, Joe, with the Valhalla Pirates.            
Meanwhile in California: rehearsals and auditioning new pirates.       

June 30, July 1, 2018:      

UPDATED: We did a show at Main Stage each morning to open the event then rushed to Shoreline Village to perform shows until the afternoon. On Saturday we broke a sword in one show and didn't have a replacement for it until our good mate Lycan offered his own cutlass to us for our Sunday performances. We also sailed with the Order of Leviathan for their induction ceremony at sea, followed by the Leviathan Ball. Here's a few moments from the event.
Day One:    

Day Two:   

And here's a badly edited video that encompasses most of the event:  
June 16, 2018:  
Private Event Performance ( "Shhhhhhh..."
Beverly Hills, Ca.   
May 5, 2018:     
Here's a few seconds of how our rehearsals went. Good luck. . .

April 2018:     
A Pirattitude of Gratitude to our friend, Mike Babine, for a fun and productive picture shoot! 

December 2017:     

October 2017: 
Los Angeles, CA.   

Anza, CA.    
September 2017:  
Long Beach, CA.   

Our first gig ever. Read about it HERE.

July 2016: 
Studio City, CA.   

Just what in the sodden seas is going on in that video? Find out HERE.  
Long Beach, CA.    


December 2014:

Our second picture shoot occurred on the rocky shore of southern California.
More details are HERE.

March 2014:

We joined the Order of Leviathan for their induction cruise aboard our favorite tall-ship the American Pride. More details are HERE.

May 2013:

We achieved our first picture shoot this month.

And the full shocking story can be found right HERE.