Thursday, June 9, 2022

Screams from Rehearsals

 Joe was never in town long enough to learn complex sword choreography so we had to include this same sequence in every single show. We decided that the captain should be too cool to get into more than one fight per show anyway. Here's Joe versus Bullet. This same fight would eventually be Joe vs. Ed, Joe vs. Alexandra, vs. Samantha, vs. Ozero. You get the picture. He was great at it though:

Here's Jill establishing her pirate-cred. This is from her audition, believe it or Snot:

Bullet directing Sea of Darkness 5 rehearsals. With Deedle, Tor and Spoo from the Pirates Charles, and Blue, Mary, Severine and Louie. Brandi Wyne choreographed the short sword fight. Deedle spontaneously composed the theme song "Take that F**king Sword." So much talent in a single show (and i was there too):